Japanese lecher sex

At first they were as stiff as could be, but over the years as we met during our annual cultural exchanges in Canada and in Japan they warmed up to it and quite enjoyed it--especially when they were in Canada and could be quite free about it. I don't even like people slapping me on the shoulder in greeting, again it is an invasion of my "intimate space". We are specifically talking about friends here. And a kiss on the cheek? You are welcome to your personal feelings, but it is clear that that is what they are. That was my point exactly. Having some others share the same opinion as you is not the same as the culture as a whole sharing them. Have laughed about this with my female friends before.

Japanese lecher sex

One Japanese woman told me about how a European man who was visiting her family gave her the customary kiss on both cheeks when saying goodbye on a shinkansen platform where she lives. Speaking of which, what would you rather do with your immediate relatives: They were quite chuffed when I commented, "You all hug just like Canadians now. Login with your JapanToday account Remember Me. This strikes me more as your personal feeling than as a cultural perspective. Maybe Central America, South America are uniformly huggers, maybe not. Even my beloved dad only goes as far as a quick hug at New Year after half a bottle of Scotch. I live in hope that this will happen again and I can live in a world safe from random physical assaults by culturally insensitive idiots. Give me a bow anytime. More often than not, it's a half hug or "bro hug". It's just how I am. Why go out of your way to invite misunderstanding? It merely confirms that I mistakenly thought you had mentioned you were British in a previous conversation we had. In America or Japan it's the same, I just can't bring myself to be close to a guy who is not my boyfriend. Again, it seems to me that you are more voicing your own personal opinons than those of a cultural perspective. It has become an epidemic. The discussion has nothing to do with being pawed by strangers. Your refusal to believe that any culture could be different to your own Again, this has nothing to do with my opinions of other cultures. When in doubt hold back! Conversely, I imagine it's possible to hug and kiss when both parties know there's no chance of getting naked together or if there was, my dad and I would be in trouble. My parents did not hug me as a child much but my grandmother did -- so I learned the value of a hug from my grandmother. In-laws, growed-up kids, brother and brother's family: Nothing could be further from the case. Not that the in-laws are much into hugs, though I did put a grin on my dear fil's face when I gave him a hug and big lipsticky kiss on the cheek on my wedding day. Where it requires the participation of other people. It's a sign of friendship: The Japanese female friends expect me to hug them now

Japanese lecher sex

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  1. I do have some very close friends who I hug or kiss but there are times when even they are avoided.

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