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For example, although acculturation among adult Latinas has been associated with a greater number of lifetime sexual partners 9 and elevated rates of potentially risky sexual behavior such as oral sex, 10 it may encourage contraceptive use among sexually active adult males and females. Greater biculturalism, or identification with one's own ethnic culture in the presence of competing norms and values of the dominant culture, can lead to stressful situations, placing adolescents at risk for adverse outcomes, such as early sexual initiation. Thus, age-specific studies are needed to elucidate this aspect of sexual behavior. In Sorenson's school-based sample of Arizona Latinas, those whose fathers were born in the United States vs. In a Los Angeles—based study, foreign-born Mexican teenagers were less likely to initiate sex than their U. Findings from the six studies that simultaneously analyzed multiple measures of acculturation were equivocal about the robustness of the measures. Acknowledgment The authors thank Jeanne Tschann and the postdoctoral fellow writing group at the Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California, San Francisco, for their careful review of early versions of this article.

Latino latina sex

Norris AE and Ford K, , op. Aneshensel CS et al. Jimenez, Potts and Jimenez used language spoken at home and U. What measures of acculturation have been used, and which best explain variations in sexual and reproductive health outcomes? Driscoll AK et al. We excluded studies that used proxy measures of acculturation e. For sexual risk, however, both nativity and ethnic identity were significant predictors. English language acquisition is one of the modifications that may accompany acculturation. One, which we label "stress theory," emphasizes the stress that immigrant teenagers face in adapting to a different culture. Relative Importance of Acculturation Measures Studies that simultaneously examine multiple measures of acculturation can identify which measures are the most robust. Following these various screening steps, 17 studies remained for our analysis. If so, does this shift in values lead to a greater likelihood of sexual initiation? None of the studies reviewed fits these ideal criteria, yet several made noteworthy contributions to the literature. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, , 38 4: Three studies used multiple dimensions to define a respondent's acculturation status. Our finding of both positive and negative associations among the 17 studies reviewed highlights the need for a better understanding of the mechanisms through which acculturation may be operating. According to this theory, teenagers who are faced with negotiating competing values and norms of different cultures may experience stress and be vulnerable to high-risk or maladaptive behaviors, such as early sexual initiation. Phinney JS, , op. Slonim-Nevo V, , op. Darabi KF and Ortiz V, , op. All fertility-related outcomes pregnancy, birth, abortion and their proximate determinants attitudes, knowledge, norms, sexual activity, contraceptive use were considered sexual or reproductive health outcomes. The more bicultural an adolescent was, the more he or she identified equally with U. Acculturation also was associated with increased condom use and with beliefs and norms related to healthy outcomes, although the evidence was less conclusive. Thirteen studies investigated sexual activity outcomes: One study constructed a composite score of sexual experience by assigning a value of one for each of the following: Our findings suggest that the presence and nature of associations between acculturation and sexual and reproductive health are likely to vary by country of origin, gender and acculturation measure. For example, it was difficult to interpret a lack of association between acculturation and sexual and reproductive health if Latino adolescents were a minority in a study's sample.

Latino latina sex

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  1. RESULTS Seventeen studies met the screening criteria, and these studies used 23 distinct measures of acculturation that captured four primary dimensions:

  2. None of the studies reviewed fits these ideal criteria, yet several made noteworthy contributions to the literature.

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