Princess peach sex

Bowser smirked and kept fucking her ass before he grunted, "Get ready to take my cum in your ass. He then smirked, "And it's only gonna get better the more women I claim. Bowser then inserted a finger into her ass and began pumping it making her widen her eyes. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the first chapter and we hope to see plenty of reviews here so we can continue this. Peach went on sucking her master's cock and using her tits until he came all over her. Shaking those thoughts for later, he rose from his throne making his sluts stop to await orders from him, "Come along slaves. What have you done to her Bowser?! Bowser smirked knowing he had much to teach his new bitch slave, "I'm going to give you something called a strapon and it will give you a fake cock that you can use to rape her with. I'll be your slave and serve you and your cock as a whore!

Princess peach sex

Bowser smirked before he thought of something, "Can you summon people up here? Luckily, for her, it wouldn't as she swore on her crown to serve Bowser and there was no getting around it. Bowser growled at the entity before him, "Watch it Taboo, you and I both know you aren't at full power and I can at the very least give you a grave injury and it will only get worse for you the longer the fight goes on. He made me dress like a slut and molested me while raping my mouth with his tongue then he had me suck his big cock then fucked by big ass and my tight little pussy. You are my bitch slave and no one is going to take you away from me again and then I am going to rape Daisy and Rosalina and make them into my sluts too and you're going to help me do both. You'll just be an obedient slut for Master Bowser and will forget all about that limp dicked loser Luigi. Your my whore and only allowed to think of pleasing me and serving my cock. What is she taking about? And who would that be? Naturally this got some attention and Bowser knocked away everyone who tried to stop him as he approached Rosalina and held her hostage with his claws at her neck and her back to his chest. Get it nice and wet since this is gonna fuck your ass and pussy too. Before long, Bowser grunted and came into her pussy again causing Daisy to pass out from her own orgasm with an ahegao plastered on her face. Bowser chuckled as he groped Peach's bare ass and she kissed his cheek and neck lovingly, "I just did what you never had the balls to do, I gave Peach the pleasure of my cock and made her my slut. Peach screamed as she felt her pussy stretch and she lost her hymen and she created a puddle of her juices under her while also peeing on the floor and making a slutty ahegao. This time, he wasn't going to give her an option and was just going to claim her, then maybe Rosalina and Daisy too. Bowser frowned in thought, "The women of this place first; Zelda, Samus, and the goddess that the brat Pitt serves. Peach smirked, "Good slut, keep obeying and you'll get pleasure and fun with Master. Bowser then inserted a finger into her ass and began pumping it making her widen her eyes. Peach smirked, "Get used to this slut, cause tomorrow I'm bringing you to master Bowser to fuck and use. That's good because these perky nipples and your cute little clit are gonna become pierced with tags showing that you're my property. Said Wizard came flying in and nodded quickly, "Yes my king. Nothing against those that do it and enjoy it, we just don't really care for it meaning we won't do a good job of writing it. The announcer stated as Bowser chuckled. Bowser then laughed at seeing Peach cum from the pain, "Now you are a real slut for me. Now tell me the real reason you want to help me as you claim. As she kept going, Bowser grit his teeth before he released his load covering Peach in his cum making her gasp in surprise as the cum was warm and it surprised her that his cock would let something else. Bowser smirked and put her on her hands and knees before tore her panties off and shoved his cock up her ass.

Princess peach sex

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