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She said that more than desire the idea of intimacy can perhaps disrupt boundaries between private-public, between castes and so on. It was interesting to note that even with a bit of silence always around the talk of sexuality, how pervasive the study of sexuality has been. Celebratory announcing of menarche is a manifestation of patriarchal relation of power and also a means of controlling the fertility of women. The third set of stories that the speaker had looked at were between and and the stories were chosen as categorisation of the Queer literature. There is a custom among eunuchs that the property of a deceased can be transferred only to a hijra through adopted kinship and not anybody outside. After the inaugural speech by the Director, Convenor Dr. The media dictates how these women are to be looked at.

Vutu sex

Some of the themes and issues that can be explored are: It perpetuates an aspiration among the public. It was an attempt to understand how forms of desire and its depiction occupied the centre of public debates around the s and s in Kerala. The ideology behind the art was liberal-minded. It was Gokhale first who associated women with indenture. Sexuality and capital have a very interesting relationship. The third category which looked at socio-political history recognised the lack of physical strength and virility. What is the impetus behind the recording of the lives of two women who are beyond the pale of any politics? Singh, being a historian himself, delivered a comprehensive illustration of the dynamics around the Mughal harem which was an authorised and a legitimate space for the expressions of sexuality, which accommodated the normal, as well as the alternate, the sober as well as active women inside, while the eunuchs guarded it from outside. Mughal paintings over reigns developed themes such as Chinese landscapes, epic and romance, flora and fauna, battle scenes, birth scenes and still life gradually making way for tempered romantic, sophisticated portraits of royal and noble men and women. Parallely these informed other issues like the health of the nation. Indenture was then identified as slavery, as it was very exploitative. It was argued that it amounts to making enemies out of men and all differences have the threat of becoming hierarchical. With the second set of stories written between and , an international image is created for Kerala. The body and functions attached to women make her closer to nature, and patriarchy is sustained in the cultural sphere. The paper also deliberated upon a self-reflection moment on what can be called the sexuality movement. The defenders of this argument say that workers are not abject victims, they have agencies to control their work and may demand various rights. The last paper in this session was by Muraleedharan Tharayil, professor at St. There have been various approaches to engage with sexuality, the Marxist approach, the Psychoanalytic approach and the Feminist approach, to name a few. Natural themes were also regularly used, like flowers, beasts, clouds, and real life drawings. There still is a huge debate over whether sex-work is legitimate or not. Marriage is also about affective value of ideas and an ethico-politics of two. Brahmins do not practice this ritual as they anyway marry off their daughters even before they reach puberty. Under the metaphor of the banyan tree, the support tree referred to here is Christian morality while the main trunk is psychoanalysis. Within a larger discursive realm, this paper sought to analyse the connection of sexuality to its socio-historical context and see how it is socially constructed. There was a vibrant discussion after the presentation where many questions were raised.

Vutu sex

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  1. Arora problematised the seemingly innocent concepts like love and intimacy within marriage, aligning them with the economic and cultural, socio-legal structures of society and by extension the nation. Uma asked a pertinent question of what the difference was between homo-suicides and hetero-suicides.

  2. Sex work opens our being to a non-choice or non-knowledge, which maybe in our legalised every-day we do not need to face.

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